Subway® Malá Strana
Karmelitská 28, 118 00 Praha 1
Phone: 775 402 976

Subway® Chodov - The Park
V parku 2336/22, 148 00 Praha 4
Phone: 775 402 969


Subway® sandwiches

We serve food to feel good about. Subway® high standards ensure every ingredient is of highest quality.

We are obsessed with fresh. When you order at Subway® you can take comfort knowing the food you are eating is fresh, safe and of the finest quality.

We take steps forward in our effort to serve ingredients of the highest quality.

From the field, to the farm, to your family, every sandwich is founded on fresh.

Every sandwich is made by our hands with care for you with respect for the food choices that you make.

The Subway® brand is committed to providing a wide range of great tasting, healthier food choices while reducing our environmental footprint and creating a positive influence in the communities served around the globe.